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The Return to why you were here in the first place


This collection is the result from cooperation with the Norwegian poet, Lars Kvande. The foundation of the pictures is a set of poems about the questions of who we are, where we came from and what we will become. The collection is divided into two parts, each part representing reflections from my interpretation of the poems. The metaphor used in the pictures is quite clear, but what we really see in the objects will differ greatly.

The divine setting of life is nothing, what did you do in between?


This is the result of my second cooperation with Lars Kvande. Existence, nonexistence and what’s in between are the key issues in this collection. Something is there and then it’s not there anymore. Or was it ever there? The spirit of modern living – to live in the future, were nobody really exists. Somewhat like a journey without history, in a space where nobody is and nobody ever was. Shadows replace reality. Have we lost anything? What about in between?

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